Rogue Headed to Seward AlaskaABOUT FISH SEWARD ALASKA, INC.

Fish Seward Alaska Inc. has the opinion that when you book a charter fishing trip with us it's our job to ensure you, your friends and your family have a fun, exciting fishing adventure. We will do our best to put fish on your line and meat in your freezer.

We operate with top-of-the-line fishing gear and boats. We currently offer fishing aboard two 6-pack charter boats. A 6-pack boat means no more than six anglers per vessel. On our 6-pack boats you get a dedicated Captain and Deckhand. We are a family operated fishing charter business in Seward and we treat you the way we treat our friends and family. You have many options when it comes to fishing in Seward, however once you hook-up with Fish Seward Alaska Inc. you will land a great catch.



Randy WellsCaptain Randy Wells: 

The Wells family settled in Oregon near the Rogue River in 1890. In the 50s the Wells family built wood drift boats to battle the Rogue River in order to catch salmon and steelhead. During the 70s and 80s Darrell Wells, Randy's father was a fishing guide on the Rogue River and owned a tackle store called Wells Gun and Tackle. Randy Wells was born in 1976 and his father Darrell put him on his first Rogue Spring Salmon in 1981; the picture of this fish still hangs on his parents’ wall today. In 1990 Randy moved to Dutch Harbor Alaska to live and work with his grandfather, where both Randy and his grandfather spent many days chasing salmon and halibut around the island. In 1994 Randy moved to Bethel Alaska where he finished high school while continuing to chase salmon. In 1995 Randy and his parents moved to Medford Oregon where they started a successful Culligan Water franchise. In 2006 the business was sold, his parents retired and Randy got to focus on his lifelong dream of catching fish full-time. Randy got his first guide license in 2004 and in 2006 he became a full-time fishing guide. In 2007 Randy received his Coast Guard license to operate charter fishing boats, in that same year started guiding on the Kenai River and out of Seward Alaska. Since 2007 Randy's dream has grown and now involves his loving wife Jennifer Wells their son Logan, Captain Kyle Miller, Captain Beau Crosby even Randy's father has left retirement to join in during the summer months.

April through September Randy and Jennifer operate Fish Seward Alaska Inc. www.fishsewardalaska.com Each October the Wells family head to Oregon and Randy begins guiding for fall king salmon on the Chetco and other local rivers www.oregonfishingadventure.com After Christmas the winter steelhead show and Randy targets them until he heads back to Seward Alaska in March. 

In addition to being a full-time fishing guide Randy is a monthly contributor to Northwest Sportsman Magazine. In addition to Northwest Sportsman Magazine he writes for Alaska Sporting Journal and Salmon Trout Steelhead Magazine. When Randy's not guiding or writing he is hosting a fishing show called Lunker Junkies TV. www.lunkerjunkies.com Randy host between 8 and 12 new episodes every year from Oregon to Alaska. He shares his knowledge and brings knowledge of other anglers to the viewers. Lunker Junkies TV can be seen in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska or by visiting the website to watch episodes anytime. Finally since 2004 Randy and his wife have grown an idea into a successful fishing guide service that helps anglers to enjoy the wonderful sport of fishing.


Captain Kyle Miller:

Captain Kyle Miller has been with Fish Seward Alaska Inc. since 2013. Before Kyle was involved with FSA he was commercial fishing out of Kodiak Alaska. When Kyle is not in Seward he is an Elk hunting guide in Colorado. Once done chasing elk Kyle heads to his home in Fairbanks Alaska where he's a framing contractor. Over the last few years Kyle has put his clients on countless halibut over 150 pounds, thousands of salmon, tons of rock fish and a few world-class Halibut over the 200lbs. Kyle is the man with a dedication to fishing and a goal to help fill your freezer.




Captain Beau Crosby:

Captain Beau Crosby has grown up in Seward Alaska and was one of the youngest license captains in the area. At age 13 Beau was hired as a deckhand with a local charter fishing company and at the age of 19 Beau became "Captain Beau Crosby. Once Beau was licensed to begin running a local six pack boat full time in Seward he quickly became highly sought after due to his massive amount of energy and dedication to customer service. Beau has created many of the techniques that we use on our charter boat every single day. Starting in 2015 Captain Beau joined fish Seward Alaska and has become a staple within the company. Moreover, we are proud to have Beau a part of the FSA team in 2016 and hopefully for many years to come.



Captain Logan Jones:

Captain Logan Jones, The son of Jennifer and Randy Wells has been working with FSA since he was 16 in 2012 as a deckhand on the Rogue. Soon after his 19th birthday Logan went to the Maritime Institute where he obtained his six pack captains license. Not only is Logan dedicated to putting the angler on massive amounts of fish Logan is dedicated to the success of Fish Seward Alaska Inc. in to 2016 Logan continued as the lead deckhand for FSA in addition Logan started running the Rogue for salmon on his own. In 2017 Logan will be captaining all of the salmon trips offered by FSA. We are so proud of our son Logan, and we look forward to him becoming the President of Fish Seward Alaska Inc. "Go Get 'Em, Logan!"




Jennifer Wells:

Jennifer Wells is the most important asset to Fish Seward Alaska Inc. Without her, the company would not exist, and our clients would be forced to quit fishing all together. In 2012 Jennifer left her career with Rogue Federal Credit Union. At RFCU Jennifer was a Home Loan Officer and had been with the company for 12 years. Once FSA got to be too big for Randy to run the business on his own, Jennifer came to save the day and she did. Since 2012, Jennifer has managed all of the bookings for both Fish Seward Alaska and Oregon Fishing Adventure. At any given time, Jennifer is working with over 30 anglers to ensure they have the best fishing experience possible wheather in Oregon or Alaska. In addition to running FSA, Jennifer is a dedicated angler and loves fishing more than any one of the employees here. Jennifer has been on countless episodes of Lunker Junkies TV and is the glue that holds the company together.



The Kenai is Alaska's Playground!

No other Alaska destination offers such an up close and personal Alaskan experience. With over 15,000 square miles of extraordinary adventure all of Alaska comes here to play.

Seward:  Seward is 126 miles from Anchorage follow the Seward Hwy. to the coastal town of Seward. While driving around Turnagain arm look for beluga whales on your right and look up to the cliffs on your left for mountain goats and Dall sheep. Your charter fishing trip will include views of the Kenai Fjords National Park with amazing views of marine wildlife and glaciers. After fishing you can take a walk to Exit Glacier and hike beyond to the Harding Ice Field.

Cooper Landing:  Within the Chugach National Forest surrounded by pristine mountains is Cooper Landing. Witness hundreds of airborne salmon leaping their way up the Russian River falls to their spawning grounds. You will want to Explore K’Beq Native Heritage Site; we can provide a guide to raft the canyons on the upper Kenai River or try combat fishing at the Russian or Kenai rivers Moose are often spotted on the drive towards Sterling so drive safely. Get you camera out!!!

Soldotna-Kenai:  These two towns border the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge which offers some great hiking and freshwater fishing. We can arrange a fishing guide for the Kenai and Kasilof river systems. The Kenai is home of the 97 lb world record King Salmon. The City of Kenai is the mouth to wonderful views of the mouth of the Kenai River, Cook Inlet, miles of sandy beaches and four active volcanoes. There you can watch for beluga whales and seals. On the Kenai River flats observe the local caribou herd and a variety of birds.

Fish Seward Alaska, Inc. and Captain Randy Wells have spent many great days on the Kenai Peninsula please feel free to ask us about putting you in the right direction for the Alaska Adventure of a Lifetime.


This is Alaska!

Seward, Alaska is located at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula.  Seward is one of Alaska’s most scenic communities. Seward is the 'Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park' Seward is located about 130 miles south of Anchorage. To get to Seward follow the Seward Highway, take the Alaska Railroad, or you can get there by motor coach, cruise ship, or air.

Once you get to Seward be ready to explore the harbor, the beginning to your fishing adventure. 

In Seward you will experience trophy sport fishing, glacier and wildlife cruises, sailing, hiking, kayaking, flight seeing, summer dog sled rides, and more.

At 3,022 feet, towering Mt. Marathon provides a breathtaking backdrop for the town. Behind Mt. Marathon and extending down the coast is the Harding Icefield, measuring 35 by 20 miles. Flowing from the Harding Icefield are many glaciers, eight of which are tidewater glaciers, calving icebergs into the sea, reaching the coastline between Seward and Homer. During your fishing adventure you will see some of many glaciers and amazing surrounding mountain peaks.

Captain Randy Wells has lived in many areas in Alaska, from the Aleutian Chain to the Alaska bush. His family were prominent business owners in Dutch Harbor where Randy spent his pre-teen years before he and his family moved to Bethel Alaska where Randy graduated high school. His family started fishing on the peninsula 30 years ago. Randy and his family find Seward, Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula truly the best place to live, visit, explore and definitely the best to fish. While in Seward, after you have filled your fish box, ask us to point you in the right direction to see and enjoy all that this area has to offer.

Don’t miss your chance to see SEWARD ALASKA!